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Monday 12th October 2009

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council, which took place on Monday 12 October 2009.

PRESENT Cllrs Humphreys (Chair), Cripps, England, Hallett, Hawkins, Rowswell, Wakely, Walshe, Messrs P Robathan & K Ronaldson (District Councillors), Mrs A Larpent (County Councillor) and Police Beat Manager Iain Selley.



Iain Selley said a package is being put together for Farm Watch and he will ask the PCSO to bring it to the next Parish Council Meeting.


The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed.


No interests were declared.


Mrs Larpent confirmed that all the gullies will be cleaned out next month. Garden waste collection is to become an opt-in service at a cost of £60 for the period October 2009 – March 2011.

The Strategic Health Authority has given full approval for the building of South Petherton Hospital.

Mrs Larpent was advised of the deteriorating pavement near the Butcher’s shop, potholes appearing in Robins Lane and the collapsed pavement near Bobbins which has not been fixed properly.

Mrs Larpent is arranging grants of £500 for Cowleaze Meadow and £500 for the Youth Group.


Mr Ronaldson spoke of confusion over refuse collection from the Recreation Ground but as the Youth Group is non profit making there should be no problem.

The District Council had removed posters which had been fixed to lamp posts without permission.

Mr Robathan said the County Council had withdrawn from the Joint Area Committees. It is hoped to open the Community Information Centre in South Petherton on 1 December.


Cllr Cripps reported that a further strip had been made available for Allotments and a 15’ track is being retained for access to the wheat crop in the remainder of the field.

A letter had been received from an allotment holder whose stakes had been damaged. These will be replaced and in future the Parish Council will be responsible for marking the area.


A cheque was drawn for £88 for hire of the Village Hall.


Permission has been granted for the demolition of a conservatory and erection of two storey extension to Mulberry, 14 Brimgrove Lane.


The next event being arranged by the Events Team is the Bonfire on 7 November and if the weather is not suitable it will be postponed until the 14th. The only people authorised to build the bonfire are Andrew Humphreys and Reg Bishop.

The Parish Council agreed to go ahead with the Housing Needs Survey.

Cllr Cripps had been in contact with Wessex Water, who have agreed to carry out a free survey of 50 soil samples over the whole site at Cowleaze Meadow.


A letter was received from a parishioner, enquiring as to the hours worked by the Lengthman and the duties he is responsible for and the Chairman will send a reply by e-mail.


Colin Fletcher of the Highway Authority had met the owners of Bobbins and has agreed to position bollards to keep lorries away from the house.


Cllr Humphreys had noticed that some walkers are not remembering to close gates when walking footpaths.

The Parish Council discussed the application to add a path from Lambrook Road to footpath CH23/13 to the Definitive Map. The Clerk will ask for a copy of the plan and will enquire whether landowners and people living nearby have been consulted.

The meeting closed at 9.15 pm.

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