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Parish Council Meeting 27th April 2009

Page 302 Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council, which took place on Monday 27 April 2009, following the Annual Parish Meeting.

PRESENT Cllrs Humphreys (Chair), Cripps, Hallett, Hawkins, Rowswell, Wakely, Walshe, Mr K Ronaldson (District Councillor), Mrs Larpent (prospective County Council candidate).

APOLOGIES Cllr England, Mr P Robathan (District Councillor).

MINUTES The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed.


No interests were declared.


Mr Ronaldson spoke of a Business Boost Scheme for small/medium sized businesses, further details of which can be obtained from Business Link. Mr Ronaldson reported on a meeting he and Mike Fear had with Fiona Rowswell and Paul Watkins to look at the cause of the recent flooding. It was noted that the banks in Great Lane have gradually caved in, making the lane narrower and causing water to flow past the drains, and that a ditch which used to take water from Lambrook Road is no longer there. The District Council will work with landowners to clear ditches and it would be possible to put a drainage channel at the top of Great Lane similar to the one at the lower end. Cllr Humphreys thanked Mr Ronaldson for his efforts.


Cheques were drawn for: South Petherton Parish Council – Lengthman’s salary £500.00 Allianz – Insurance premium 541.29


No objections were raised to applications for: Alteration, demolition of single storey extension and erection of 2 storey extension at Fouts Cross Farm. Demolition of shed and erection of building for office/store and replacement open shed at Shepton House (amendment). Permission has been granted for: Alterations and additions to 12, 13, 14, 19 Buttle Close. Erection of replacement single storey rear extension to Brookside, Robins Lane.

Cllr Rowswell hopes to attend a meeting arranged by South Petherton Parish Council to explain the changes in planning guidelines.
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Cllr Hallett asked the Parish Council to consider changing its meeting dates to allow more time for comments on planning applications and the Clerk will check availability of the Hall.


Cllr Walshe reported that the Recreation Committee has been offered a £12,500 play grant from the District Council if the Committee can match it, and a meeting has been arranged with Adrian Moore on 14 May to discuss the best way forward.

Cllr Hawkins said he had received an offer of help with reviewing the Parish Plan.


The landowner will be asked to remove soil which has slid into the road on Barrington Main. Concern had been expressed about cars being parked on the pavement.


Cllr Wakely advised that George Montague will be installing a Bristol gate on a footpath over his land.

The meeting closed at 8.50 pm.

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