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Monday 10th May

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council which took place on Monday 10 May 2010 at the Village Hall at 7.30 pm. PRESENT Cllrs England, Hawkins, Humphreys, Rowswell, Sarker, Wakely, Walshe, Messrs P Robathan & K Ronaldson (District Councillors) and Mrs A Larpent (County Councillor).


Cllrs Cripps, Hallett.


The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed.


ChairmanA Humphreys (proposed by I Hawkins, seconded by E England)
Vice ChairmanB Walshe
PlanningF Rowswell, P Sarker
AllotmentsR Cripps, B Walshe
FootpathsR Cripps, B Walshe
HighwaysJ Hallett, I Hawkins
Charity TrusteesF Rowswell
Emergency ContactsI Hawkins, B Walshe
Parish Environment WardenE England
Representative on Cowleaze ProjectR Cripps
Tree WardenDebbie Welch


No interests were declared.


PCSO Charlotte Rogers was welcomed to the meeting to report on the month’s crime statistics in the village, which included six of criminal damage, 3 vehicle crime and one road traffic collision.


Mr Ronaldson spoke of the District Council’s Housing Strategy Document, noting that there are 1,000 long term empty properties in the District, and said that grants are available for converting properties, which have been empty for six months, into flats and also for alternative energy sources. Mr Ronaldson advised of an application for transfer of the Licence at The Poulett Arms, Lopen Head.
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It had been noted that surface dressing had been carried out on the surrounding lanes but still Lambrook Road had not been repaired and there are potholes in Great Lane and any repairs carried out to potholes do not last. Damage caused to the new road surface in Shells Lane will be reported. Mike Fear will be asked to attend a site meeting in the village to look at the problems.

Mrs Larpent advised that white markings around potholes are painted at six monthly inspections and red markings are painted by the Area Highway Supervisor. On Class 3 or 4 roads, potholes which are at least 40 mm deep have to be repaired within 28 days.


The 2009/10 Accounts and Annual Governance Statement were approved and signed by the Chairman. A cheque was drawn for Shepton Beauchamp Store in the sum of £45.60 for photocopying the parish directory.


No objections were raised to an application to erect agricultural grain store at Home Farm, Lambrook Road, but the Councillors would like trees to be planted to screen it on the south and east sides.


The District Council replied that, as the query had been raised by a resident experiencing problems, replacing the sign is necessary and not a waste of money. The District Council, the Emergency Services and Royal Mail are concerned that the issue could cause delays to the emergency services and lost or late postal deliveries. Consultation with residents is now taking place and the Parish Council will be kept informed.


The next event, Tea at the Ritz, is on 22 May, admission by ticket only. Plans are being drawn up for refurbishment of the Recreation Field. Cllr Wakely will apply for a hedge laying grant, Debbie Welch has offered to help with the hedge laying and Cllr Wakely will haul away the rubbish. Contractors are now laying paths and erecting fencing at Cowleaze Meadow, and the Parish Council is grateful to all volunteers for the work they are doing there, with special mention of all the hours that Roger Cripps is putting in there.
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Cllr Cripps sent a message that the Lengthsman will strim the entrance drive to Cowleaze when he has completed his other tasks and will no longer clear litter from the area near Branstons. The General Manager at Branstons said that every effort is made to keep the area litter free and he would like to meet the Lengthsman and perhaps any future problems can be dealt with informally.

Cllr Cripps discovered that the village had already contributed to David Muir’s retirement gift as it was covered from the General Lengthsman Fund.


Mrs Larpent advised that adoption of Piece Lane and Brimgrove Lane would require the agreement of all the residents there and she will enquire as to the procedure.


Following the transfer of footpath maintenance to the County Council, the Area Warden will be Peter Keenlyside.


A query was raised as to the procedure to follow in cases where allotments are not tended and it was agreed to review the Allotment Rules at the next meeting.


Cllr Walshe asked if a village noticeboard could be sited on the garage at the Post Office and Mr Ronaldson will enquire whether planning permission would be needed.


Best wishes we re sent to Cllr Hallett following his recent operation.
The meeting closed at 9.45 pm.

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