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Meeting of the Parish Council, which took place on Monday 23 March 2009.


Cllrs Humphreys (Chair), Cripps, Hawkins, Wakely, Walshe, Messrs P Robathan & K Ronaldson (District Councillors).


Cllrs England, Hallett, Rowswell, Sarker.


The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed.


No interests were declared.


Mr Robathan spoke about a meeting on 25 March, arranged by the District Council, about grants for play areas. A match funded grant of £12,500 will be available for Shepton Beauchamp from the District Council in the year 2010/11 and the Parish Council wondered why the grant offered to South Petherton does not have to be matched.

The Yeovil Innovation Centre has a Business Solutions Unit, run by Gerard Tucker, where experienced business people help new companies to start up. From 1 April, the Swim for Life Scheme will allow people aged over 60 to swim free of charge at Goldenstones and pools in Crewkerne, Chard and Wincanton. At the recent Area North Meeting, it was agreed to allocate £15,000 for footpath improvements.

Branstons have submitted a planning application for a new two storey building 20% of the size of the existing one and towards the front of it. The planning application showing a different access for the new hospital at South Petherton will be considered by Area North in May. The proposed finishing date for the hospital is January 2011. Trials are being carried out for collection of plastic and cardboard for recycling and, if successful, it may be in operation in this area at the end of the year.

Mr Ronaldson spoke of the effect of the economic downturn, including the closure of shops and pubs in small towns and the rapid rise in job seekers’ allowance claimants.

The Joint Area Committee proposes to allocate 15% from the Area North Reserves to support schemes for enabling rural housing. South Somerset is the second highest deliverer of rural housing in the country and there is a target of 600 affordable housing units by 2011. The PCSO will be in the Village Hall on Saturday 18 April from 10 am – 12 noon , giving advice on shed safety and marking possessions. Members of the public should be aware of a bogus team, knocking on doors in the area, purporting to be calling on behalf of a utility company. There have been reports of mini motorcycles causing a safety hazard on footpaths.

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Cheques were drawn for: Diocese of Bath & Wells – rent for school play area £25.00 D Clarke – Clerk’s salary £1,720.00

A copy of the Parish Plan Events Team’s Accounts for 2008 was received, noting a balance carried forward of £2,223.37. The Village Hall Accounts were also presented for the year ended 30 September 2008.

Cllr Hawkins is still in contact with Wessex Water about capitalising the rent for Cowleaze Meadow and will tell them that, unless they are prepared to offer a discount, the Parish Council is happy to pay annually.


No objections were raised to an application for alterations and additions to 12, 13, 14, 19 Buttle Close (changing bed-sits to one bedroomed flats). The meeting explaining the change in the planning rules will take place at the Blake Hall, South Petherton, on 30 April.


Cllr Hawkins is carrying out the Parish Plan Review and circulated copies of an interim progress report. He will ask Les Collett if any funding is available towards the cost of the questionnaire. Cllrs Cripps, Rowswell, Sarker and Wakely have offered to help with the review.

The next event will be the Easter Market on 4 April. A free tea party is being arranged for the over 70s with a VE theme. A street party is planned on the day of the Church Fete. The next working party at Cowleaze Meadow will be on 29 March.

Cllr Wakely had enquired about hedge laying at the Recreation Field, which would cost £5 per metre, towards which FWAG can offer £1. This will be considered in the Autumn.

The young people would like a multi-purpose track for BMX, skateboards, etc. and a possible site would be behind the MUGA. The District Council is arranging an evening workshop on 30 April on Involving Young People and the details will be passed to Jackie Priddle.


The Clerk will ask the Highways Department why, when the large pothole at the crossroads was repaired, the smaller ones beside it were left. The Neighbourhood Watch team had contacted the County Council about slippage of the bank in Upper Silver Street but were told it is the landowner’s responsibility. He has been contacted and is looking into planting to help hold the soil.

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Cllr Cripps would like to hear of any ideas for footpath improvements, which might qualify for grant funding.

Concern had been expressed by a parishioner about steps leading to a house in Lambrook Road which are difficult to see after dark.

The meeting closed at 9.10 pm.

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