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January 2009

Page 292

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council, which took place on Monday 19 January 2009.

PRESENT Cllrs Humphreys (Chair), Cripps, England, Hallett, Hawkins, Rowswell, Sarker, Messrs P Robathan & K Ronaldson (District Councillors) and J Sharpe (County Councillor).

APOLOGIES Cllrs E Wakely, B Walshe.

MINUTES The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed.


No interests were declared.


At the request of a parishioner, Mr Ronaldson had asked the District Council to trim the high hedge in front of the houses at Piece Lane. The Area North Meeting at Chilthorne Domer on 28 January will be the first of joint meetings of District and County Councillors. The next Flood Awareness Workshop will take place at Crewkerne Town Hall on 12 February from 5 – 7 pm. Following the reorganisation of the policing areas, the PCSO for this area will be Charlotte Rogers.

Mr Robathan advised of European Rural Development funding which will be available in this area for strategic initiatives in rural communities. There was insufficient support for the Sports Zone to go ahead in Mudford Recreation Field so other sites will be investigated. The radio link between businesses in shopping streets has been extended to include Crewkerne, Chard and Ilminster, and funding has been received from the RDA to draw up plans to redevelop the heart of Chard.


Mr Sharpe said the County Council is optimistic that the capital invested in Icelandic Banks will be returned. The problem of icy roads was discussed and Mr Sharpe suggested writing to the Highway Authority, asking to be placed on the priority gritting list, stressing the importance of making the roads safe for the school and public service buses. The School’s bid to opt into the two-tier system is still in the consultation process.


The application to convert existing cottages to single dwelling and erect two new dwellings at Ferndale and Rose Cottages, Buttle Lane has been withdrawn. Page 293


It is now four years since the Parish Plan was published and it was felt that it would be a good time to review it. The first step would be to issue a questionnaire, seeking ideas and volunteers, and Cllr Hawkins will co-ordinate this. Cllrs Rowswell and Sarker offered their help.

The Parish Councillors expressed their appreciation to the Cowleaze Meadow Group for all the work being carried out there and the way the project is progressing, making the area a great asset to the village. Wessex Water had suggested capitalising the annual £1 peppercorn rent to save administration costs.

The Parish Council agreed to be the accountable body for the Cowleaze Meadow Group, who are developing the project and carrying out ongoing maintenance on the Parish Council’s behalf.

The possibility of providing affordable housing in the parish had been discussed and Cllr Rowswell will ask the Community Council to arrange another housing needs survey.

The Events Team has drawn up a programme of activities for the year, including an Easter Market, Afternoon Tea Party, St Petroc’s Street Party with the Church Fete, Cross Country Run, Bonfire & Fireworks and Christmas Market.


Cllr Hallett reported that the Silver Street culvert needed clearing again.


Cllr Rowswell spoke of the inadequate drainage system to cope with heavy rainfall and Mr Sharpe suggested the Parish Plan Committee identifies the problems and informs the Head of Highways.


A request had been received for permission to use a small polytunnel on an allotment and enquiries will be made with the Planning Department. The Councillors would have no objections to fruit trees being planted on the Allotments but would not wish to see other trees there. Concern had been expressed about dogs being walked on the Allotments.


The Parish Councillors approved the adoption of the new model publication scheme.

The meeting closed at 9.30 pm.

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