Shepton Beauchamp

In the heart of Cider Country

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Shepton Beauchamp Parish Council

PlanningJane Bishop, Elizabeth England, Clare Lillywhite
AllotmentsRoger Cripps
FootpathsSarah Brunt, Roger Cripps
HighwaysEd Wakely
Charity TrusteesSarah Brunt
Emergency ContactsRoger Cripps, Innis Finlay, Ed Wakely
Parish Environment WardenElizabeth England
Representative on Cowleaze ProjectRoger Cripps
Representatives on Recreation CommitteeInnis Finlay, Ed Wakely
Tree WardenInnis Finlay
Chairman Planning Jane Bishop
Vice-ChairmanPlanning, Parish Envioronment WardenElizabeth England
Highways, Representative on Recreation Committee, Emergency ContactEdward Wakley
Representative on Recreation Committee, Tree Warden, Emergency ContactInis Finley
PlanningClaire Lillywhite
Angie Joy
Allotments,Footpaths,Representative on Cowleaze Project,Emergency ContactRoger Cripps
Andrew Rowswell
Footpaths, Charity TrusteeSarah Brunt
Parish ClerkDi Clarke

The parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. Press and public are welcome to attend.

Meeting Minutes and Other Documents

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