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19th January 2009 Meeting Notes

Notes on meeting held on Mon 19th Jan 2009

In spite of several other groups meeting in the village on that night, there was a very good turnout, with 10 people attending. We were pleased to welcome Jenny Allen who has “volunteered” to keep an eye on the East end of Lambrook Road. We would also like to thank Charlotte Murphy for keeping things going in that area for the last few years, and she can now take a back seat.

There have been concerns raised about speeding vehicles in the village, and all that we can do is report incidents with number plate details. A series of complaints can generate Police intervention. As we have few, if any accidents, there is little pressure to make changes.

The possibility of solar powered speed indicators is to be investigated. There was also concern about the number of people using mobile phones while driving. Again, the Police cannot act without evidence, so raise concerns with backup information. Football playing in the street , especially in the middle of the night, is a nuisance, and again, antisocial behaviour can be dealt with by complaints to Police. Remember that we are generally a peaceful place, and there are many other areas requiring Police attention for more important and/or serious reasons.

The recent flooding was very unfortunate, and discussed. The scouring of the roadside bank beyond Silver Springs has been reported by Carole Robson, and the Highways people are to investigate. In addition the contractors cutting back roadside hedges should sweep up debris, and if this is not happening the council need to be informed, so they can speak to contractors. People have found drain covers blocked with vegetation which has impeded water run off.

There have been reports of probable malicious placing of nails under car wheels in North Street, leading to punctured tyres. I believe the Police are investigating, but if you see any suspicious action, please report.

The new “Safe in your Community” leaflets are to be delivered when available, and copies will be placed in the Post Office.

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