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September 2008 Meeting Notes

Notes on meeting of Shepton Beauchamp Neighbourhood Watch held on 15th Sept 2008-

Eight people attended the meeting including Michelle Haimes our Police Community Support Officer.

It was reported that there were 45 incidents of car break ins in Yeovil last weekend. Sat Nav equipment was removed among other things.

At that time an unlocked car in a drive in Lambrook Road was broken into, and money taken. All the glove compartments etc were searched, but the Sat Nav was not touched. We need to be aware that as finances become more strained, these kind of incidents are likely to become more frequent. The Police recommend the removal of Sat Nav equipment as a routine precaution when parked, and of course to remember to lock your vehicle when leaving it.

There has been an increase of theft of diesel fuel from vehicles in the locality. This mostly affects lorries, and farm vehicles, but some cars are more vulnerable than others. Minis are particularly at risk, as apparently it is not too difficult to siphon fuel from them. Locking caps to fuel tanks are a useful precaution.

It is expected that thefts from domestic oil tanks are likely to increase over the colder months. Check with local crime prevention Officers for suitable caps for domestic oil tanks. The Crime Reduction Officer is Andrew Leafe, who is based at Wells Police Station. Ring 0845 456 7000 for enquiries.

Thefts from shed are on the increase at the moment— 9 sheds/out buildings were broken into in Hinton St George in one night last week. Please keep all property secure, and outhouses locked.

I have some Permanent UV markers if people want to mark their tools and mowers etc. Put your post code on the property, and if it is stolen, and reported, it will be returned to you when located.

It has been proposed to hold a morning session in the village hall in April, when the Police Community Support Team will be available to mark equipment with a variety of methods, We’ll let you know when this will occur.

As the evenings are getting darker, it is important to keep doors closed and locked. An elderly man in Ilminster, watching TV at 7.30 pm looked up to find a stranger in his room! No damage to life or property, but we don’t want to give thieves a chance. In the run up to Christmas this will become more important.

A new security marking system is in use for public buildings, for example Churches. A water like liquid is applied to moveable property, and the liquid contains an invisible and unique marker molecule that can be detected on stolen objects, and clothing. It is called Smartwater, and the police are carrying out trials in the Crewkerne area, which seem to be successful so far.

Next meeting Mon 17th November at 8pm in Buttle Close. Mary H Clarke

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