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Meeting Monday 17th November 2008

The meeting was attended by 12 people, and our PCSO Michelle Haimes, and a colleague Charlotte.

Recently, in our immediate area, there have been some distraction burglaries, a handbag taken from a car outside the school, and a van break-in. The distraction burglaries are often aimed at older people, who allow someone into their homes, supposedly to check a meter, or some other excuse. The caller then steals money or goods, while the owner is distracted. We should all make sure that we do not let strangers in to our homes without checking their ID, and / ringing the company that they claim has sent them. Remember –if in doubt, keep them out! If anyone is concerned, ring the Police on 0845 456 7000.

Property and valuables should not be left on view in cars, which should always be locked when parked. As Christmas approaches, we should be extra vigilant, as Christmas presents will tempt thieves, if they are left on display.

The van break-in was distressing, as it was just outside the owners property, and parked in a visible site. The damage was considerable, even though there were no tools etc inside. We all need to watch out, and report suspicious activity.

Unfortunately, as the recession increases, we can expect more of this type of crime.

In Crewkerne there have been a number of thefts from open shopping baskets, where purses are easily visible. In one case a purse was grabbed from someone’s hand. We need to make sure we don’t make it easy for thieves. There have also been a number of burglaries from big houses in the area, though these seem to have stopped following 2 arrests. There is always a risk when windows, especially on the ground floor are left open at night. Please use ventilation settings in bungalows at night., and remember to keep all ground floor, and easily accessible, windows locked.

Winter fuel payments for OAPs will soon be available at the Post Office. Please be careful to keep your money safe, or even leave it in the Post Office till required.

We were very sad to learn that there will be a reorganisation of the local police services in the New Year. This sadness is because we will be parting company with our trusted colleague Michelle Haimes. We wish Michelle well in her new job, and would like to thank her for all her work with us in past years. We were happy to meet Charlotte, who may be our new PCSO under the new structure. We look forward to working with her in the New Year.

Proposed dates for meetings next year

  • Mon 19th Jan 2009
  • Mon 16th March
  • Sat 18th April — Village hall, marking property etc
  • Mon 18th May
  • Mon 20th July
  • Mon 21st September
  • Mon 16th November

Mary H Clarke

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