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Meeting Notes 19th May 2008

Thanks to all who attended, because our meetings are usually not very exciting due to the lack of crime in our immediate area. This is not something we are complaining about!

The only significant communication from the RingMaster system (Neighbourhood Watch Communications from the Police in Yeovil) was a reminder to keep our possessions safe and out of sight when on trips to beauty spots etc., and to leave cars with windows closed, and doors securely locked.

The Primary Care Trust (PCT) are embarking on a consultation on the development of GP services in the County, particularly with regard to a new clinic that will be open 8am to 8pm and be open to all patients, not just those registered at the practice. Copies of the consultation document will be available at the next meeting, or can be accessed on the PCT website

We are advised that door to door salesmen may be legitimate, and are often selling items for which they get a small remuneration, the profit going to a charity. They should carry a pedlars licence, and show this on demand. They should not be aggressive or threatening, and if worried about their behaviour, please contact the police.

Peter Brember, the Police Community Support Officer who has recently joined the local team attended, and gave us updates on activities occurring in the local area.

Scrap metal is reaching increasingly high prices, and thieves are getting considerably bolder. Not only are Churches at high risk due to their lead roofs, but any building with lead flashing, especially if it can be reached without ladders, is at risk. Please be vigilant, and report any suspicious activity (people have been seen taking photos of access routes on buildings with high lead content). Many shop fronts in Crewkerne have lost lead from their structures. Lead can be marked, so that if disposed of it can be traced, but not all scrap metal dealers are scrupulous in their record keeping.

There have also been incidents locally of rouge traders cold calling and offering tarmacing to drives. A company has been calling, reaching agreement, and starting work almost immediately. Please remember to be suspicious if people call without your request, check the company credentials, there should be a seven-day cooling off period between agreement and the commencement of the work. Save all paperwork for your records.

Also in this area there is a bogus security firm doing the rounds. They are calling, offering to do a security survey, and to fit alarms. It goes without saying that all these activities can lead to crimes, particularly theft.

A premium phone line scam is also on the go. The phone rings, you don’t get there in time, you dial 1471 and use the service to connect you to the number, and are connected to a Premium Phone Number—and you will pay heavily for this. Remember, if you do not recognise the number shown on 1471, put the phone down!

Due to the high price of fuel oils, domestic supplies are at risk of theft, though this is not prevalent in this area at the moment. Note any suspicious activity on local properties, and report these to police.

In Langport there have been several incidents of car tax disc theft, and also damage to caps to car fuel tanks.

GOOD NEWS the Police Mobile Garden Shed probably with Dr Who is to visit on Saturday 24th May and will be found in the Buttle Close Car Park between 12.00 and 13.30. Come along and find out how to protect your property, security mark items, and secure your shed/ garage etc

Next meeting Mon 21st July, 8pm at Buttle Close.

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