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Meeting Notes March 2008

Congratulations Michelle

There were 10 members present, and Michelle Haimes, our local Police Community Support Officer, and her colleague Peter Brember. Michelle is to be congratulated for having received an award from the District Council for her work with the community. We can appreciate this as she has always been very helpful to us. Parking

Parking cars, vans, etc on pavements was discussed. This is an offence that can result in a fine if the pavement is obstructed, and pedestrians are forced to walk in the roadway. Vehicles should not be parked close to road junctions, as this obstructs the view of motorist, and pedestrians to oncoming traffic.

The white lines found at some junctions are advisory, and to remind people not to park in these places. If the road and/or footpath is obstructed please inform the Police, who will take action.

Remember that if you cause an obstruction, and endanger other people, this can lead to Police action, and a fine. We should all try to be considerate, and minimize any inconvenience we cause other people. Police Contact Phone Numbers

Remember that if you want to contact the Police to report an incident, the number to ring is 0845 456 7000 Only dial 999 in an emergency, when there is danger to life, or risk of injury; where a crime is in progress; or where the offender is still at the scene, or has only just left. Fly Tipping

There has been a noticeable increase in fly tipping in the last few months. The district council will arrange collection of material on the highway, and on council land. The number to ring is 01935 462462. Rubbish found on private land must be dealt with by the landowner. Seasonal Advice

Now that spring is here, and Bank Holidays are in the offing, we need to remember to keep garden tools locked up, sheds securely locked, and houses safe when we are out in our gardens. There has recently been a break-in in Over Stratton, where an insecure window allowed access. Be Safe Be Secure

The Home Office have produced a new booklet of advice entitled “Be Safe, Be Secure” I will have some copies to distribute in the next few weeks, so if you would like one please let me know, on 01460 240 363. Keep a Watch for -

There have been reports of power tools being offered for sale from the back of a van. The Police are interested in such activities so please let them know if you have people calling with these types of items for sale. Details of cars used, and number if possible. Also brief descriptions of people involved are all useful.

There are increasing numbers of crimes in which lead, copper and other metals are being stolen from buildings, not just churches, but also commercial and domestic buildings. Please inform Police on 999 if you think a crime is in progress. Anyone mislaid a scooter?

There has also been a blue mobility scooter found in a field just outside the village. If you hear that one is missing, please contact the Police with details. This all sounds rather alarming, but please don’t feel concerned. Just take sensible precautions, and we will all help to reduce crime in our village. The next meeting will be on Monday 19th May, at 8pm in Buttle Close.

Mary H Clarke

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