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July 2008 Meeting Notes

Notes on meeting of Shepton Beauchamp Neighbourhood Watch held on Mon 21st July 2008

We were pleased to welcome Inspector Andy Pritchard from Somerton who is in charge of community policing in our area. Mike and I met him at Headquarters when we went to receive the Avon and Somerset Rural Award for our Neighbourhood Watch group. He decided to see what we were up to—- drinking tea and catching up with local events!

Michelle Haimes was also present, and approx 8 members. We discussed what should be done with the cheque for £50.00 we received, and the meeting supported the donation of the money to the Cowleaze Meadow project, as we have few expenses. This is currently being organised.

Andy Pritchard brought us up to date with local crime patterns. There are currently fewer incidents of theft of lead and other metals from buildings, especially Church roofs. This is due to stricter monitoring of the paperwork at local scrap metal dealers, which makes it more difficult for thieves to get rid of these materials.

However there is an increase in the theft of fuel, generally not from domestic vehicles, but often commercial vehicles are at risk. However domestic heating oil tanks, and farm red diesel supplies are vulnerable. We are advised to check our tanks to monitor the situation. Many Tanks do not have adequate locking devices. The crime prevention team at Somerton Police station have been compiling a list of suitable protection devices and should be contacted directly if you need help and advice.

There are still distraction burglaries going on, and those carrying out these crimes are often driving new and high-powered cars, enabling them to be far from a crime scene very quickly.

Drink driving offenses are still a problem, with anyone who is in possession of car keys, and over the drink driving limit can technically be committing an offense. We should all take a responsible attitude to these crimes, and make sure we are not breaking the law.

There are still many people using hand held mobile phones while at the wheel, and that is also an offense.

In the warm weather we are again warned to take care of our security, and make sure we close house doors when we are in the garden. Keep house and car keys safe, don’t just leave them in the hall— or you could lose your car as well as other property.

Fear of crime is a big problem, so we should all be careful, but not frightened. Keeping an eye on a neighbour’s house when they are away on holiday, watching out for our neighbours who may be old and frail, all these things help to make our village such a nice place to live.

Next meeting is on Mon 15th September at 8pm in Buttle Close Common Room. Mary H Clarke

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