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17th September 2007 Meeting Notes

Notes on meeting of Shepton Beauchamp Neighbourhood Watch, held on 17/09/07

There was a disappointing turn out, but many people who could not attend were taking a late holiday.

We were very pleased to welcome four new participants, Ali and Dave from Sunnyside, Kate from St Michaels, and Elaine from Stanley House. Also present were Geoff Wade, Ruth Moore, Mary Clarke, Mike Stephens and PCSO Michelle Haimes.

Michelle reported that there had recently (Wed 12/09/07) been an attempted abduction of a young girl in South Petherton. Fortunately she managed to escape, but a white Peugeot 205 was seen in the vicinity. The police will be warning all schools in the area, but we should all be aware and report any worrying incidents of this nature.

Unfortunately there was also an attempted break-in at a bungalow in Shells Lane (16/09/07). The police have been informed.

Perhaps we should all use this as a reminder to check our home security as the darker evenings are approaching. A light that illuminates access doors and the surroundings to your property is recommended. At present, a low level light that is automatically activated at dusk until dawn is advised. This will operate whether you are at home or not and not cast shadows in which people can hide. All locks should be used to keep your house secure when you are working in the garden etc. Keep tools locked away in garage or shed when not in use, as they can be used in a break-in.

Unfortunately the most common events locally are distraction burglaries. A person (often elderly or vulnerable) is visited by a bogus caller, who gains access to the house (perhaps to read a meter or inspect a fitting) and steals money and valuables.

Please make people aware of the risks, and remember the Police operate a Nominated Neighbour Scheme. I have copies of the relevant leaflets is anyone is interested.

The Speed Watch campaign, which has not had much success in the village, is being reorganised, with better links to the Police. It might be worth having another attempt at raising awareness, and starting a new campaign. If anyone is interested, please let me know, and we can take it further.

Can everyone please keep an eye on any houses which are empty due to holidays, illness, people moving etc. These can be vulnerable to theft.

The next meeting is on Mon 19th Nov at 8pm in Buttle Close

Mary H Clarke

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