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 +====== Year Four Leavers Service on the Last Day of Term  ======
 +{{events:​p1030287_fs.jpg| Year Four Leavers}}
 +{{events:​p1030284_fs.jpg| Looking forward to the holidays}} \\
 +**Leavers and on the right hand side younger pupils exited and looking forward the the holidays.**
 +Tuesday 22nd July  was the last day of the summer term and for 8 of our children it was their last day at Shepton School. ​ The whole school joined in the Year Four Leaving Service in church which included songs and prayers in addition to short performances on clarinet and keyboard. ​ The confidence shown by the children in taking this service, introducing each part, reading and singing is impressive and a credit to the school. ​
 +This year again each of the leavers had designed and decorated a plate which was presented to them,   Head teacher Karen Booker ​ thanked the Dennis Chinaworks for there generosity in maintaining this annual tradition and wished the leavers good luck in their new school in September. ​ The "​leavers"​ also each received an individual folder containing examples of their own work accumulated in the first 4 years of their school life. 
 +A parent thanked Mrs Booker and all the staff for all they do for our children throughout the year and presented the staff with a useful bird feeder for the garden plus some undisclosed item which has still to be erected. ​  At the end of the service parents and pupils returned to the school playground to form a long human arch which the "​Leavers"​ had to go through to get back into school.
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