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E-Mail re Traffic - Driving - Parking

22nd May 2021 Someone damaged my Jeep last night whilst it was parked in Silver Street. They clipped the wing mirror, scraped all along the wheel arch and tore off an 18inch chunk of my front bumper. They did not leave a note on my car claiming responsibility but obviously just drove off. This car must have damage to it's passenger side front end, or at least some of my cars green paint on their car. If anyone wants to own up, I live at Timbers End on Silver Street.

Caron Moss

Further to my last, can something please be done about the parking on Silver Street? There are always at least two cars from Silver Springs (who have allocated parking outside their houses) parked in the layby. I have no other options for parking my car and it is extremely frustrating to get home from work at 8.30pm to find more than 6 (sometimes 10+) empty spaces in Silver springs but nowhere to park on Silver Street. If residents of Silver Springs want to park on Silver Street, can they please permit the residents of Silver Street and Belmont Terrace use of their empty allocated parking spaces? Also, could we have marked parking bays in the layby? Most people seem to park as if they have abandoned their car following a high speed chase! They also take up more than the space needed for one car. This often results in seven cars taking up space which (if parked properly) would allow parking for 10 cars. Sorry to moan, but it is a real problem, and now my car has been damaged as I could not park inside the layby. Thank you, Caron (& Neale) Moss, Timber's End

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