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Meeting Notes January 2012

Notes on committee meeting held on Thursday 12th January 2012. Present Ruth, Roger, Barrie and Mary.

We discussed the three organisations that had sent us details of what they could offer us as a community drumming experience, as part of our Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations on Saturday 2nd June 2012. We chose Victoria Gater from Frome, who will provide a series of short workshops from 2-4pm. She can cater for up to 20 people at a time. 2 people will run the workshops, and chairs for the participants will be required and also gazebos to enable the activity to continue in spite of rain etc.Mary to contact all applicants; also to contact events committee re use of gazebos, and the village hall committee about borrowing chairs for the afternoon.

We propose to run a quiz/hunt for information around the village form 10am to 12 midday, a village picnic from 12-2 pm (bring your own food, drink and seating). We may provide a barbeque so people can cook their own food. Roger to enquire about the possibility of having music during the lunch, either pre recorded, for which we will need a power supply, or a live performer who may not need amplification. We are not sure if any electricity could be supplied by a local resident, of if the distances cables would have to run would be a problem. The picnic will be followed by the drumming workshop.

There is to be a work party on Sunday 22nd January. Roger and Barrie are unable to attend, and Mary may not be able to. Tasks to be completed include:- Filling in bare earth by willow tunnel with spare turf; cutting back buddleia near stream edge and public footpath; starting to clear the brambles on the edge of the stream from the “den” area, towards the main gate. This will open up the bank side to allow grass to grow, and produce a more congenial habitat for water voles; some trees planted in the seating area are making grass cutting next to the fence difficult, and need to be relocated in the dormant period. There are always plenty of jobs to be done. Contact Debbie for final details on 241 756. Mary H Clarke 16/01/2012

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