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AGM Notes December 2012

Notes on Shepton Beauchamp Cowleaze Meadow AGM held on Thurday 13th December 2012 Attended by Barrie, Roger, Chris, Ruth and Mary. Apologies from Debbie. Chairman’s report was delivered by Roger. In the last year we have consolidated the work in the meadow, with volunteers maintaining grass cutting, and general maintenance. The events organised were related to the sustainability grant, so we planted a willow tunnel, bought and erected bird and bat boxes, and had a drumming workshop for all the village. This event coincided with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. On this weekend we also hosted a “bring your own” picnic, and had a walking quiz, which encouraged us to find out more about our village. In general people enjoyed these events and the Village Events team were grateful for our participation. We have also bought a supply of hand tools and other equipment to enable us to carry out routine maintenance into the future. We have had some working parties, which have not been very well attended, but the bulb planting sessions were helpful in recruiting new members.

Roger deliver the financial report, audited by Jo Walshe. We seem to have funds to support the ongoing work at for the next 4 years at least.

The committee were unanimously re-elected, with the addition of new member Chris joining the committee. We discussed future developments. Roger has mentioned the possibility of a water feature to the Parish Council, without much of a response. We think in general awetland patch would be safer, but allow for greater biodiversity. We could dig out a scrape, line it with membrane, backfill with earth and allow it to fill with natural rainfall, but prevent rapid drainage by using the membrane. With our present workforce, this will be for future development, once everything else is under control.

As we missed the chance to cut the meadow areas this year, due to bad weather among other things, we need to expose a few patches in these areas to plant the rather bedraggled pots of wild flowers that have been grown over the year. We are hoping to do this before Christmas. There were also suggestions that we cut some wiggley paths through these areas to allow small children to walk through when the grass gets long. Another idea was to place some “stepping stones” in the seating area for small children to jump along. They would need to be recessed to enable the mower to go over them. We also wish to plant a couple of willow trees in the meadow areas to provide shade.

There is also work to be done on to remove some dead trees, and cutback broken branches on larger trees that could be a hazard.

We need to keep maintenance going, ensure all the paths allow easy access throughout the year, keep growing trees weed free around the base, and generally adapt to the changing circumstances as the site matures. Mary Clarke 14/12/2012

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