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Early 1980s School Photo with Fr Bill

Each person in the photo has been given an ID. To see these numbers Click outside the photo then move the cursor in over the picture. Names where known are shown in the grid below. Please use the contact box below to tell us if you know a missing name or where we have possibly the wrong or miss spelt name.

1Mrs Prior 2Brian Symes 3Michael Stone 4Shaun Marks 5Sue Turner
6James Riach 7Steven Haines 8Graham Axe9Simon Smith 10 Gary French
11Giles Margrett12Joanne James 13Fr. Bill Scott14David Cornelius 15Lynn A'Court
16Tom Cryer 17Andrew Sparks 18Lydia Bateman 19Mark Day 20Isabel Marks
21Buchan Dennis 22Mark Stuckey 23 24John Harper 25
26 27 28Paul Martin 29Mandy Goddard 30Sally Dixon
31Nigel Heyward 32Sarah Rowswell
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If you have a picture which you think might be of interest on the web site please drop it in to the Bakery.

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