Shepton Beauchamp

In the heart of Cider Country

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 +====== Shepton Beauchamp School 1977 ======
 +Each person in the photo has been given an ID. To see these numbers Click outside the photo then move the cursor in over the picture. ​ Names where known are shown in the grid below. ​ Please use the contact box below to tell us if you know a missing name or where we have possibly the wrong or miss spelt name.  ​
 +| 1| | 2|David Coultas | 3|Patrick Hawkins | 4|Bruce Callow |5|Trevor Pitman |
 +|6|Georgina Chapman |7|Sally-Anne Curtis ?? | 8|Fiona Best |9|Michelle Light |10| Amanda Welch |
 +|11|Ian Lawrence |12|Andrew Lawrence |13| Jesse Budd|14|Robert Cornelius |15|Catherine Coultas |
 +|16|Alison Symes |17| |18|Matthew Horgan |19|Andrew A'​Court |20| |
 +{{contact>​to=ian|subj=bw school photo school 77}}
 +If you have a picture which you think might be of interest on the web site please drop it in to the Bakery.
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