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School 1972

Each person in the photo has been given an ID. To see these numbers Click outside the photo then move the cursor in over the picture. Names where known are shown in the grid below. Please use the contact box below to tell us if you know a missing name or where we have possibly the wrong or miss spelt name.

1John Leese 2Mrs Cooper 3Christopher Burt 4Ian Ryall 5Adrian Hopkins
6Andrew Symes 7 Stephen Pitman 8 Richard Hawkins9 Michael Best10Mark Sweeting
11Shaun French 12Christopher Hawkins 13Tony Williams 14Tracey Welch 15Trevor Pitman
16 Amanda Curtis17Karen Pitman 18 Nicola Hawkins19Tracey Downton 20Jackie Hopkins
21Chrissie Arlidge 22 Teresa Rainford23Helen Wakely 24 Juliette Hawkins25Katie Leese
26Sally-Anne Curtis 27Angela Gollege 28Laura Jefferies 29Fiona Best 30
31 Emma Budd32Paula Gollege 33Emma Sweeting 34Amanda Welch 35Darren A'court
36Simon Light 37Neil Marks 38Matthew Horgan 39Jessie Budd 40Nicholas White
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If you have a picture which you think might be of interest on the web site please drop it in to the Bakery.

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