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Short Videos of Shepton Beauchamp

More Teddy Bear Activities

<box 440px center| > large:qtSEMk2aafY </box>

The Goddard family of Teddy Bears during Covid Lock Down

<box 440px center| > large:HC8UaeSrvMU </box>

50th Anniversary of VE Day - May 1995

<box 440px center| 50th Anniversary of VE Day 1995> large:xVUbVEVSo34 </box>

The Happening at St Michael's 2019

<box 440px center|The Happening 2019> large:zudl1Pa4iQE </box>

Christmas Lunch at the Village Hall

<box 440px center| Community Christmas Lunch 2019> large:pAk9oFYI_VE </box>

Harvest Lunch in the Village Hall

<box 440px center|Harvest Lunch 2019> large:KH83BMmmfTY </box>

Serena's Soapbox Challenge 2019

<box 440px center|Soapbox 2019> large:cGdAQDZlz6Q </box>

Flowershow August 2019

<box 440px center|Flowershow 2019> large:JmyvyHbAJBI </box>

Party in Cowleaze July 2019

<box 440px center|Cowleaze 2019> large:8p6niNoORvQ </box>

Remembrance Day 2018 2018

<box 440px center|Shepton Remembers 2018> large:6y3l7yIHcP8 </box>

Fun Run & 10K Cross Country 2018

<box 440px center|Fun Run & Cross Country 2018> large:PpMPsTf0xx0 </box>

Serena's Soapbox Challenge 2018 Slideshow

<box 440px center|Slidshow Soapbox 2018> large:q5SVp3dD9ws </box>

Serena's Soapbox Challenge 2018 Video

<box 440px center|Video Soapbox 2018> large:roSio8HOIRY </box>

St Petroc's Fayre July 2018 Slideshow

<box 440px center|Photos St Petroc's 2018> large:6PtJzmUQSrs </box>

St Petroc's Fayre July 2018 Video

<box 440px center|Video St Petroc's 2018> large:Qb73Wod7teA </box>

Kingsbury Band 30th September 2017

<box 440px center|KIngsbury Band 2017> large:4RWsJHSumPQ </box>

2017 Serina's Soapbox Challenge

<box 440px center|Soapbox 2017> large:rdo08q45iQ8 </box>

2017 Flowershow Winners Slideshow

<box 440px center|Flowershow 2017> large:6GWLiPRx7FE </box>

Serena's Soapbox Challenge 2016

<box 440px center|Soapbox Derby 2016> large:76gjk8dDzb4 </box>

Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration

<box 440px center|Queen's 90th Birthday Celebration June 2016> large:XL7qh_fbZ58 </box>

Paparazzi Party January 2011

<box 440px center|Paparazzi Party> large:QYVTQ2hSKWI </box>

Help for Heroes - Presentation of Cheque April 2010

<box 440px center|Help for Heroes> large:OyPaStKY-aY </box>

Carols on Christmas Eve 2009

<box 440px center|Christmas Eve Carols 2009 > large:TwdtK1HL2AY </box>

Church Fete & St Petroc's Street Party July 2009

<box 440px center|Saturday 18th July 2009> large:ghwsB3hrvmg </box>

Showtimers Shopping Ladies March 2009

<box 440px center|Tuesday 24th February 2009> large:H4TeUYY8PYk </box>

Egg Shackling Shrove Tuesday 2009

<box 440px center|Tuesday 24th February 2009> large:_aM97jVP4nI </box>

6" of Snow in February 2009

<box 440px center|Friday 6th February 2009> large:ffMDaJ7ITeg </box>

Mud Mud Glorious Mud December 2008

<box 440px center|Saturday 13th December 2008> large:GWI76Ere5Cg </box>

Flower Show September 2008

<box 440px center|Flower Show Saturday 6th September 2008> large:PR8-suW_CE4 </box>

Sarah Rowswell's Wedding May 2008

<box 270px center|Sarah & Paul May 17th 2008> small:I__9ZmFnMsE </box>

April 2008 - The Royal Navy drops in

<box 270px center|Royal Navy drops in at School April 2008> small:Mn3_yNFO6Bo </box>

Shrove Tuesday 2008 Egg Shackling & Pancakes

<box 270px left|Shackling Eggs in School> small:rlME-MVfabw </box> <box 270px right|Pancakes & Egg Shackling in the Village Hall> small:2Rnmn-qbkdc </box>

Carol Singing 2007 & BBC Visit to School 2008

<box 270px left|Two very confident 7 year olds being interviewed by Emma from BBC Somerset January 2008> small:eGuc0JsjFdw </box> <box 270px right|Carol Singing at Buttle Close Christmas 2007> small:RlW7oEPlzPg </box>

The Hunt meets at the Duke of York 2004

<box 270px center|Seavington Hunt meets at the Duke of York 2004> small:i6hpwCV_Zi4 </box>

Church Bells 2004

<box 270px left|First ringing on Shepton 12 Bells> small:XTwMHwf0hiU </box>

<box 270px right|Rounds and Call Changes on 12 Bells 2004> small:iqVo3UovH8I </box>

<box 270px center|Shepton's First 12 Bell Peal - Stedman Cinques October 2004> small:-hF1ZWiZdK8 </box>

Cooking Turkeys Bakehouse Oven 1989

<box 440px center|Christmas Day 1989> large:ZqUYV5J9y4w </box>

Old Cine Film of Queen Driving Through Shepton 1966

<box 440px center| Queen Drives Through Shepton 1966> large:qGQ2DKRpiD4 </box>


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