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 +====== New Event Request ======
 +<FORM MAILTO:​ NEXT:"​home">​
 +Hidden dokupage "​formplugin:​simplemail";​
 +Static " " "Your Details";​
 +Textbox name "​Contact Name*" 290;
 +Textbox mail "Email Address*"​ 290;
 +Constraint name "​Minimum length 5 chars!"​ minLength="​5";​
 +Constraint mail "Not a valid Email-Adress"​ valueType="​eMail";​
 +Static " " "The Event";​
 +Textbox date "​Date*"​ 290;
 +Textbox time "​Time*"​ 290;
 +Textbox location "​Location*"​ 290;
 +Textbox organisation "​Organised By*" 290;
 +Textarea details "More Details"​ 10 320;
 +Constraint date "​Required"​ minLength="​2";​
 +Constraint time "​Required"​ minLength="​2";​
 +Constraint location "​Required"​ minLength="​2";​
 +Constraint organisation "​Required"​ minLength="​2";​
 +Submit "​Send"​ 90;
 +<​sub>​* Required Fields</​sub>​
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