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 +====== 2009 Flower Show ======
 +**Championship Results**
 +|J R England Cup|Man gaining the most points|John Callow| ​
 +|J W Rowswell & Sons Cup|Woman gaining the most points| Eileen Cripps| ​
 +|K C Harper Insurance Cup|Person gaining most points vegetable section|John Callow|
 +|Sangster Rose Bowl|Person gaining the most points flower section|Eileen Cripps| ​
 +|Jubilee Cup|Child gaining most points 4yrs and under|Hattie Rowswell| ​
 +|H J Jennings Cup|Child gaining most points 6yrs and under|Kailem Hodge| ​
 +|Hilary Jeayes Cup|Child gaining most points 7-9 yrs|Rohini Sarker| ​
 +|Hawkins Bros Cup|Child gaining most points 10-13 yrs|Sophie Hodge|  ​
 +|Shepton Stores Salver|Best Exhibit in Class A or B Flower section|Roger Cripps| ​
 +|Patricia Pearce Trophy|Person gaining most points in Cooking|Sue Stone| ​
 +|Dennis Chinaworks Plate|Children'​s Best in Show|Anina Sarker| ​
 +|Guy Piddocke Trophy|Person gaining most points in Craft|Sue Stone| ​
 +|Gardening Club Cup|Newcomer gaining most points|Sophie English|
 +|Shepton Beauchamp Youth Cup|Person with most points in the teen section|Jessica Hawkins|
 +|Muriel Callow Cup|Person gaining most points in the floral exhibits section|Eileen Cripps|
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