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Parish Plan

Welcome to the Parish Plan Web Page

Our events for 2014 will be as follows:-

SHEPTON EASTER MARKET - Saturday 5 April 2014

10.00 - 1230 Hours - Village Hall


19.00/1930 (TO BE ADVISED) UNTIL 2400 Hours - The Village Hall

4-course dinner, plus cheese, music of the period whilst dining, Bar, mini-auction and entertainment after dinner

Tickets will be going on sale shortly in Shepton Stores.

SHEPTON 10K AND FUN RUN - Sunday 7th September 2014

Recreation Field 1100 hours - 10k & 1130 hours - Fun Run

BONFIRE AND FIREWORKS DISPLAY - Saturday 1st November 2014

Entry via the Village Hall

Doors open at 1830 hours - Bonfire lit at 1900 hours - Fireworks at 1930 hours


1700 - 2000 Hours - Village Hall

Hope to see you there!

Our Parish Plan Team

Who are the members of the Parish Plan Events Team?

Our team at the moment consists of:-

Sharon Humphreys, Liz Sanderson, Claire Uren, Dave Burwood and Carole Creaser

Each member of the team gives up their time voluntarily - we meet about once a month for a very relaxed evening, where we chat and bounce ideas around and work together to organize the various events!

We also enlist help in smaller working teams and sub committees for events such as the street parties, bonfire and firework display and the 10k and fun run. If you would like to help on one of these working groups we would be really delighted to enlist your support! Just let one of us know or send us an email via the website.

What are the aims of the Parish Plan?

To put into action the requirements of the Parish Plan publication, work with the Parish council and the local community and to give the residents of Shepton Beauchamp the events they asked for!

We have a fantastic community spirit here in Shepton and we work towards enhancing this and recognize the importance of putting on events which everyone, young and old, can participate in and get enjoyment from.

We would welcome any ideas or events you might like to see happen in Shepton.

What do the funds raised get used for?

We are frequently being asked where the money goes that is raised at the various events and would like to give a brief explanation below.

Every market we run and every event we put on for the village helps to raise a small amount of money. This money is put into a separate Parish Plan Account held at the Post Office - an account which is monitored by the Parish Council and to whom we report monthly on the money raised and the events which are up and coming.

All the money raised is put back into the village and helps towards subsidising all future events we put on. In addition to this, we do our best to donate money to other fundraising groups in the village and lend our support to them with their events.

Last year we paid for a new concrete floor in the Pavilion at the Rec for storing the Events Team and other equipment.

We have quite a list of equipment now for use at the various village events, including gazebos, PA sound system, a large BBQ, spotlights for outdoor events, a large tea urn, soup kettle, tablecloths, White china dinner service suitable for 70 people, cutlery and fluorscent marshalls jackets - all these items are freely available for use at all the various events put on by different groups in the village.

The Parish Plan does rely at times on sponsorship to help finance some of these events, so if you are able to help in some way, even in supplying a raffle prize or a few packs of sparklers, we would love to hear from you!

Maybe you have other ideas of things you would like to see happen in the village? We have our own ideas and are hoping to put another of these into fruition for 2014, but please do continue let us know what you think because your views are important to us and will help to make our village even more special.



If you would like to use the Parish Plan gazebos for an event you have at home, borrow the large BBQ, lighting or the cutlery and crockery, we would be more than happy to let you use them - all we would ask is that you return them in the same condition you found them and make some donation towards the Parish plan funds!

All proceeds will then go towards subsidising future events in our village.

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