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 ====== Shepton Beauchamp Parish Council ====== ====== Shepton Beauchamp Parish Council ======
 [[https://​|Parish Council Web Site]] [[https://​|Parish Council Web Site]]
-|Planning|Jane Bishop, Elizabeth England, Clare Lillywhite| 
-|Allotments|Roger Cripps| 
-|Footpaths|Sarah Brunt, Roger Cripps| 
-|Highways|Ed Wakely| 
-|Charity Trustees|Sarah Brunt| 
-|**Emergency Contacts**|Roger Cripps, Innis Finlay, Ed Wakely| 
-|Parish Environment Warden|Elizabeth England| 
-|Representative on Cowleaze Project|Roger Cripps| 
-|Representatives on Recreation Committee|Innis Finlay, Ed Wakely| 
-|Tree Warden|Innis Finlay| 
-|**Chairman** | Planning |Jane Bishop|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3650_jane.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} | 
-|**Vice-Chairman**|Planning,​ Parish Envioronment Warden|Elizabeth England|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3641_elizabeth.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} | 
-| |Highways, Representative on Recreation Committee, Emergency Contact|Edward Wakley|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3647_edward.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} | 
-| |Representative on Recreation Committee, Tree Warden, Emergency Contact|Inis Finley|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3642_inis.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} | 
-| |Planning|Claire Lillywhite|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3645_claire.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} |  
-| | |Angie Joy|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3644_angie.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} |  
-| |Allotments,​Footpaths,​Representative on Cowleaze Project,​Emergency Contact|Roger Cripps|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3648_roger.jpg?​direct&​150 |}}| 
-| | |Andrew Rowswell|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3649_andrew.jpg?​direct&​150 |}}|  
-| |Footpaths, Charity Trustee|Sarah Brunt|{{ :​parish_council:​img_3643_sarah.jpg?​direct&​150 |}} |  
-| |Parish Clerk| |  | 
 +===== Meeting Minutes and Other Documents =====
-The parish Council meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.  Press and public are welcome to attend. 
-===== Meeting Minutes and Other Documents ===== 
-  *[[2018|2018]] 
   *[[2017|2017]]   *[[2017|2017]]
   *[[2016|2016]]   *[[2016|2016]]
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