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 +===== Theft of Tools - F344 010408 ======
 +There have been a significant number of thefts of tools and equipment from 
 +vans within this area that have been parked outside homes and often on the 
 +Losing their tools often means losing their livelihood ​
 +and even for a few days can have a significant impact on their 
 +Often windows are smashed or door locks forced but on a 
 +number of occasions tools have been stolen from vans that have been parked ​
 +unlocked on the owners driveway.
 +The local community Police would like to 
 +request that you please make contact with any of your members that have 
 +trades vehicles suggesting that they review their security to the vehicle ​
 +and if at all possible to remove the most portable and valuable equipment ​
 +from the vehicle overnight into a garage or their home.
 +In order to assist the local police with their strategy to overcome this particular problem it would greatly help them if you could let them know how many of your members that have trade vehicles you have managed to contact regarding this advice.
 +Please phone PCSO Support Officer Anne Porter based at Crewkerne Police station via the 0845 456 7000 number with the information required or via e-mail :​
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