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 +====== Meeting Notes September 2011 ======
 +Notes on meeting held on Monday 19th September 2011. 7 members attended, and some apologies were received.
 +Roger reported that our new PCSO attended the last Parish Council meeting, but was called away before she could speak! We hope that she will be able to attend our next meeting. Please note the new non emergency number to contact the Police is 101.
 +There have been no reported incidents in our area, though there has  been theft of quad bike and trailer from a local farm. There have been some sightings ​ of a caller driving a large white van, visiting houses in out of the way places, ostensibly selling bedding. The van carries a mobile phone contact number, but calls are not answered. We all need to be careful with these types of caller, who may have a companion entering your house by the back door, as you chat at the front. Also there have been  callers selling fish from a van, who was rudely aggressive to a local woman. Also double glazing sellers looking for custom, and a pair of women selling scratch cards. These may be legitimate businesses, but healthy suspicion may not go amiss. Please ensure you house is secure, especially in these dark evenings.
 +I have contacted our PCSO to find out what is legal with regard to doorstep selling.
 +Fortunately we live in a quiet area, and crime is rare. As the days are cooler and shorter we need to look out for our neighbours, and intervene if they need help.
 +**Mary H Clarke, 22/​09/​2011**\\ ​
 +Next meeting Monday 21st November.
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