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 +====== Meeting Notes March 2011 ======
 +Notes on NHW meeting held on Monday ​ 21st March 2011.
 +There were eight members in attendance, and aplogies from some people on holiday.
 +Our PCSO Rachel ​ Napper was not available as she was not on duty. In advance she answered queries raised by community members about the danger caused to traffic in Lambrook Rd by the chip van, which parks west of the Piece Lane entrance. After inspecting the area, she could see no problem to be rectified.
 +There had been a problem caused to residents in Lambrook Rd by rowdy revellers at 2.30 am  on Sunday 13th March, who threw post against a house, and also emptied the contents of the dog mess bin on the path. Unfortunately this was not reported while the activity was taking place, and the Police were unable to intervene. ​
 +Please remember that when a crime is occurring (such as criminal damage) ring  999. A Police car in the area will be directed to the scene. For reporting incidents that have already occurred, ring 0845 456 7000. Always ask for an incident number, so you can track the progress of any investigation,​ and to ensure it is recorded. ​ Remember that I cannot report incidents, those involved must do so themselves.
 +Apart from these incidents, we have no further reports of problems.
 +Other matters raised were:- information about an open day at the new South Petherton Community hospital which will take place on Saturday 26th March between 10 am and 2 pm.
 +Advance notice of the Launch of Cowleaze Meadow Project which will take place on Saturday 21st May, from 1pm onwards. The Meadow will be opened by local MP David Laws, the school will perform a Maypole dance, and there will be food and drink available, with local musicians playing during the afternoon. Everyone is invited. More information nearer the date.
 +Concern about Library closures were expressed.
 +The project by Western Power to switch off street lights during the hours of darkness is still being considered.
 +**Mary H Clarke ** , 25/03/2011
 +Next meeting ​ Monday 16th May 2011.
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