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Meeting Notes July 2011

Notes on Neighbourhood Watch meeting held on Monday 18th July 2011 There was a good turnout of 8 people, but fortunately nothing much to report. Our PCSO Rachel Napper has not attended our meetings for a while, and did not attend the latest Parish Council meeting. However there do not seem to have been any incidents recently, for which we are grateful.

Reports from group of shed break in at builders workshop, van break-in in Seavington, strimmer stolen from trailer in Hinton St George. This should reinforce the advice to leave no goods on display in cars and vans, and to lock vehicles when not attended. There always seems to be someone ready to take advantage of our lack of care.

The pothole reporting to Highways Dept of Somerset County Council is still on-going.

We are advised to take care of empty houses left unoccupied due to holidays, hospital stays and other events. Any suspicious activity should be reported to Police.

Concern has also been raised about speeding motorbikes in the centre of the village. The noise and apparent lack of care and caution is worrying.

It was suggested we should have a “Raising awareness of NHW” in the autumn, but not much enthusiasm was displayed! However we are always open to suggestions. I apologise for no notes produced after last meeting. There were no major concerns raised.

Next meeting Monday 19th September at 8pm in Buttle Close
Mary H Clarke, 22/07/2011
Contact tel; 01460 240 363

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