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 +====== Meeting Notes January 2013 ======
 +Notes on meeting held on Monday 21st January 2013 at Buttle Close.
 +Seven members attended, as did our PCSO Ceara Sturt, and our new Beat manager Alan Hollick.
 +Ceara told us of incidents in the area recently, which included theft of gas cylinders in the Robins Lane/ Church St area. There have been similar thefts in South Petherton. ​ Thefts from oil tanks do not seem to be a problem at the moment.
 +Over the New Year period there were a set of goal posts thrown against the Muga in the Rec, and removed for safety by local residents.
 +We explained to our new beat manager that the village was generally fairly low in crime, though there had been some incidents of vandalism after some social events last year, though the Jubilee celebrations were generally trouble free. 
 +Alan Hollick ​  ​expressed an interest in being informed about coming events, so a Police presence could be there, if possible, just to meet the locals. When we have his contact details, this will happen. It is not clear if Police are informed when a licence to sell alcohol at public events is issued.
 +A resident inquired about the road marking at the junction of Robins Lane and Church Street. These white lines prohibit parking on the corners to allow safe access, but are often parked on for long periods. Apparently white lines are now the responsibility of the highways dept of the SCC, and not the Police. ThePolice are are now responsible for zigzag lines!
 +We also discussed reporting Road traffic accidents. If an accident occurs, the person at fault should leave their personal details with the injured party, if possible. If this is not possible, the details of the incident should be reported to the local Police. If there is no injury to people, and all the exchange of details has taken place, the Police do not need to be informed.
 +We have all noticed the increasing numbers of parked cars on the roads, and feel that drivers go too fast on many occasions. In the coming months there will be a SID (speed indicator device) located in Lambrook Road, which will show if people are going too fast. I believe this will not be a permanent structure.
 +We were also reminded of sensible advice for drivers in the present weather conditions: Make sure windscreens are clear to enable visibility; have enough fuel to complete journey, and also for heating if you get stuck; have warm clothes, hot drinks and emergency food such as chocolate; keep your mobile phone charged up; check route is safe before leaving; drive carefully. A shovel and sacking etc in the boot can sometimes help.
 +**Mary Clarke 23/​1/​2013** ​
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