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 +====== Neighbourhood Watch 2010 Meetings ======
 +Meetings are held every two months on the 3rd Monday in the month in Buttle close Common Room.
 +** Monday 18th January 8pm **\\ 
 +** Monday 15th March 8pm **\\ 
 +** Monday 17th May 8pm **\\  ​
 +** Monday 19th July 8pm **\\ 
 +** Monday 20th September 8pm **\\  ​
 +** Monday 15th November 8pm **\\ 
 +All residents, especially those who are new to the village are invited to attend and find out how we can support each other in a safe environment and how you can help to make it a better place in which to live.
 +Contact Mary Clarke (01460 240363) or Mike Stephens (01460 242466)
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