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 +====== Avon & Somerset Police Authority Vacancy ======
 +Avon and Somerset Police Authority is looking to appoint three 
 +independent members to work alongside the existing five independent and nine councillor members.
 +If you, or someone you know are up for the challenge, are over 18, of 
 +independent mind and live or work in the force area and have done so for at least a year, why not apply?
 +As an independent member you will have a say in what the policing ​
 +priorities are for Avon and Somerset, how the force budget is allocated as well as scrutinise the force performance and ensure local people'​s views are 
 +A commitment of, on average, 10 hours a week is required, for which a 
 +basic allowance of £8,970 and expenses including childcare and carer'​s ​
 +expenses are payable. ​
 +Appointments are normally for a term of four years, and will start from 1 October 2008.
 +We are looking for people with: Good communication skills and a willingness to seek out and listen to the views of all sections of the local community on policing issues; Relevant skills, experience and knowledge, for example, in management, business, finance, community or race-relations;​
 +Knowledge of diversity issues to support the Authority'​s duty to promote ​
 +equality and diversity in the police force, and The ability to represent a broad range of local communities and challenge accepted views in a constructive way.
 +Details can be found on the Police Authority website by following this 
 +We are contacting our stakeholders and partners, seeking ​ support in 
 +circulating details of our recruitment campaign to interested parties ​
 +across Avon and Somerset. ​   ​
 +Please contact Claire Ward-Willis on 01275 816386 or by email on
 +For more information on becoming an independent member contact the 
 +Members'​ Support Desk on 01275 816377 or view our microsite at ​
 +and follow the link to our recruitment pages. ​ The website contains full 
 +application details, a video interview with an independent member, an 
 +excerpt from a member'​s diary and copies of agendas and reports from 
 +Police Authority meetings.
 +Please note that the closing date for applications is 5pm on Wednesday 16 July 2008.
 +Claire Ward-Willis
 +Media and Public Relations Officer
 +Avon and Somerset Police Authority
 +Tel: 01275-816386 ​ Mobile: 07824 519235
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