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 +====== NHW Local Contacts List ======
 +^Contact Person^Telephone^Location^
 +|Jenny Allen|240300|End Brimgrove up to top of Lambrook Rd|
 +|Pete Sanderson|240107|All of Brimgrove Lane|
 +|Mike Stephens|242466|Willow Bank, Lambrook Rd to Brimgrove, from Drove Lane to No 1 Lambrook Rd|
 +|Anne Taylor|241804|All Piece Lane|
 +|Mary Clarke|240363|Homefield to Purbeck, Sth side Lambrook Rd, West from The Paddocks to Willow House|
 +|Roger Cripps|241608|The Paddocks to St Michaels Rise, Little Pipers west to Willowbrook,​ Lambrook Road|
 +|Judy Luker|240018|Love Lane including Pebbles Orchard|
 +|Geoff Wade|240228|St Michaels, All St Michaels Rise, along Lambrook Rd to Shells Lane, all houses in Shells Lane|
 +|John Halsey|240187|North Street Shambles Great Lane|
 +|Pauline Clark|240557|Stephens to Buttle Lane (both sides of road)|
 +|Ruth Moore|242078|All Robins Lane|
 +|Ron Cornelius|240653|All Buttle Close|
 +|Jeremy Searle|240825|Buttle Lane to Washcrss Lane|
 +|Pamela Morrow|242692|Silver Springs|
 +|Steve Rock|241629|Washcross Lane to Manor Farm|
 +|Tony Vertannes| ​ |WashCross to Littlefield Farm|
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