Shepton Beauchamp

In the heart of Cider Country

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NHW Local Contacts List

Contact PersonTelephoneLocation
Jenny Allen240300End Brimgrove up to top of Lambrook Rd
Pete Sanderson240107All of Brimgrove Lane
Mike Stephens242466Willow Bank, Lambrook Rd to Brimgrove, from Drove Lane to No 1 Lambrook Rd
Anne Taylor241804All Piece Lane
Mary Clarke240363Homefield to Purbeck, Sth side Lambrook Rd, West from The Paddocks to Willow House
Roger Cripps241608The Paddocks to St Michaels Rise, Little Pipers west to Willowbrook, Lambrook Road
Judy Luker240018Love Lane including Pebbles Orchard
Geoff Wade240228St Michaels, All St Michaels Rise, along Lambrook Rd to Shells Lane, all houses in Shells Lane
John Halsey240187North Street Shambles Great Lane
Pauline Clark240557Stephens to Buttle Lane (both sides of road)
Ruth Moore242078All Robins Lane
Ron Cornelius240653All Buttle Close
Jeremy Searle240825Buttle Lane to Washcrss Lane
Pamela Morrow242692Silver Springs
Steve Rock241629Washcross Lane to Manor Farm
Tony Vertannes WashCross to Littlefield Farm
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