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January 2008


Meeting held on Monday 28th January 7:30pm Village Hall

Minutes Page 263

Minutes of a meeting of the Parish Council which took place on Monday 28 January 2008.

PRESENT Cllrs Humphreys (Chair), Cripps, Hallett, Hawkins, Rowswell, Sarker, Wakely, Walshe, Messrs P Robathan & K Ronaldson (District Councillors), J Sharpe (County Councillor), J Rippon (Lengthman Co-ordinator), Ms Charlotte Jones (Head of Area North Development, SSDC).

APOLOGIES Cllr England.


Cllr Cripps reported that a parishioner had expressed disapproval of the Parish Council’s decision to donate £500 towards churchyard maintenance.

MINUTES The minutes of the previous meeting were confirmed and signed.


No interests were declared.


The Parish Council welcomed Charlotte Jones, from the District Council, to discuss the Government’s plans to close 8,500 Post Offices, representing approximately 18% of the country’s Post Offices.

She said that local authorities have been involved in meetings with the Regional Manager and each Post Office is being assessed according to various criteria such as the amount of business it transacts, whether it is combined with a shop, availability of public transport, etc. Letters have been circulated to parishioners to raise awareness and Cllr Hawkins will act as Email contact for any information from the District Council on this subject.

If there is ever any likelihood that the village Post Office is under threat the Parish Council will arrange a public meeting and do all that it can to keep it open. When a decision has been announced as to which Post Offices are to close there will be no right of appeal against the decision. Charlotte was thanked for attending the meeting.

Minutes Page 264


Mr Ronaldson spoke about the application for a new Rectory in the parish, for which the Area North Committee had refused permission. Charlotte Jones said that the County Youth Service and the District Council’s Young People’s Officer could offer help to the Youth Club.

Mr Robathan spoke of the budget to be published shortly. He said that holders of bus passes can now travel anywhere in the country free of charge, which means that less use is being made of car parks. The Local Plan is being replaced by the Local Development Framework.


Mr Sharpe reported that Somerset’s budget settlement is the second best in the country (with Dorset receiving more). He said the review of the three tier education system is back on the agenda and Gloria Caewood, the Portfolio Holder, would be happy to come to a meeting, but it may be more appropriate for her to come in daytime.


No objections were raised to an application to erect singe storey rear extension to Brookside, Robins Lane, provided the drainage is appropriate.


A meeting of the Leisure & Culture Group had recently taken place and it was decided to organise the following events: Easter Market 15 March, Fun Run 7 September, Bonfire & Fireworks 8 November, Christmas Market 6 December.

The group will be helping the Church raise funds at their Fete in July, possibly to be combined with a picnic and live music.

Assistance with fund raising has also been offered to the Recreation Committee. The bank balance stands at £2,675 and assets include barbecue equipment and gazebos, which the group is willing to rent out or lend free of charge for village events.

The Youth Group is thriving and helpers would be welcome. Cllr Hawkins wondered if a Youth Parish Council would be worth considering.

Minutes Page 265

Confirmation was received of £2,000 funding from the County Council’s Area Working Panel towards the Cowleaze Meadow project and the Letter of Agreement was signed.

Cllr Wakely reported on the recent Recreation meeting. Some repairs have been carried out to the pavilion by Steve Hodge and the electric has been checked by Ian Longman. The drainage of the field is being investigated and there are plans to move the football pitch and to reinstate the footpath behind the trees. Cllr Hawkins reported that Parish Council minutes are now posted on the village website and he will be including photos of the parish councillors.


Cllr Hawkins reported that Rev Lethbridge’s headstone is in good order.


Mr Rippon reported on a recent meeting, where all parishes involved in the Lengthman Scheme expressed the wish to continue it and hoped the District and County Councils would carry on supporting it. The biggest problems in all villages seemed to be litter and dog fouling.

Mr Robathan said that no other groups in South Somerset had taken up the scheme. Cllr Rowswell asked if the Lengthman could remove the moss from the high pavement and the children’s playground and she said the dog fouling problem had become much worse recently.

The Clerk will discuss the problem with the Dog Warden. Cllr Wakely said there are some small jobs which could be undertaken by the Lengthman at the pavilion. Mr Rippon was thanked for attending the meeting.


Mr Ronaldson was asked to enquire the reason for road work signs being in position between Great Lane and Stocklinch for the last three months. He will also report numerous potholes in the roads. The Clerk will inform BT that branches are leaning on their wires in Great Lane and the Barrington road.

Minutes Page 266


Cllr Cripps was asked to investigate fencing off the footpath at the top corner of the Allotments.


A cheque was drawn for G B Sport & Leisure in the sum of £1,567.33 for repairs to the play equipment.

The meeting closed at 10.05 pm.

The next meeting will take place on Monday 25 February at the Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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