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Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 6th August 2017

4 Weeks ending 6th August 2017 Jackpot 1st 2nd
16 July 29 Joan Kennedy85 Dave Goddard
23 July 17 Lynn Hodge55 Brian Welch
30 July53 Paul Rowlands 90 Matt Pitman51 Susan Barton
06 August 78 Cynthia Pether34 Mrs C A Acres
d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 9th July 2017

4 Weeks ending 9th July 2017 Jackpot 1st 2nd
18 June 62 Roger Cripps57 Chris Willoughby
25 June32 Paul England 19 Sharon Pearce36 Stella Lock
02 July 28 Don Horgan93 Emily Fitchett
09 July 13 Robert Thompson75 Val Stayner
d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ended 11th June 2017

4 Weeks ending 11th June 2017 Jackpot 1st 2nd
21 May 62 Roger Cripps38 Ian Hawkins
28 May38 Stella Lock 31 Dave Cable16 Karen Martin
04 June 8 Barbara Allen82 Innis Finlay
11 June 3 Lynn Hodge52 Roger Stone
d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins

2017 10k and Fun Run Cancelled

At an events team meeting last night we learnt of two other big running club races in the area on the same day we planned our 10k, we have taken the decision to cancel this year’s event. It is not a decision we have taken lightly and is disappointing but we plan to come back bigger and better next year.

Events Team

d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 14th May 2017

4 Weeks ending 14th May 2017 Jackpot 1st 2nd
23 April 09 Ron Hastings55 Brian Welch
30 April42 Dee Male 48 Amy Cook82 Innis Finlay
07 May 54 Susan Stone50 Lucy & Dean Stevens
14 May 11 Malcolm Brown14 John Hallett
d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 16th April 2017

4 Weeks ending 16th April 2017 Jackpot 1st 2nd
26 March09 Ron Hastings 68 Martin Johnson47 Bernadette Close
02 April 56 Muriel Callow04 Heather Copeland
09 April 17 Lynn Hodge44 Pete Sanderson
16 April 26 Nick Gibbons55 Brian Welch
d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 19th March 2017

4 Weeks ending 19th March 2017 Jackpot 1st 2nd
26 February75 Val Stayner 35 Sharon Humphries78 Cynyhia Pether
05 March 90 Matt Pitman49 N & K Wylie Carrick
12 March 60 Ian Hawkins35 Sharon Humphries
19 March 17 Lynn Hodge56 Muriel Callow
d/m/Y H:M · Ian Hawkins
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