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2022/11/01 08:10

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Thieves Vandalise our Church Roof

Damage to St Michael's Shepton Beauchamp During the night of Sunday 26th April 2009 thieves/vandals stole lead from a subsidiary roof on the north side of St Michael's Shepton Beauchamp. In the process several stones were dislodged and have fallen to the ground from the surrounding parapet. The Police have been informed.

Did you see anything suspicious? if so please let us or the police know.

Photo shows where stones are missing from the parapet the small amount of lead remaining can clearly be seen where it has been ripped from the roof.

2022/11/01 08:10

The Teddy Bears Latest Antics

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2022/11/01 08:10

The Shepton Beauchamp Charity

Is a collection of charities for the benefit of residents of Shepton Beauchamp; some of the charities are several hundred years old. Any resident can apply for one of two main grants.

1. Are you a student going on to higher education or perhaps you are doing an apprenticeship? If so you could be entitled to a grant from Shepton Beauchamp Charity. If you have lived in the village for 3 years or more and have not received the grant before, please apply in writing by the 31st September 2016 to: The Clerk, Greystones, Middle Street, Shepton Beauchamp TA19 0LB

2. The Over 70's Christmas Box is a small payment, paid in early December, to help with the cost of Christmas and is payable to residents who are 70 years old or over and have lived in the village for 3 years or more. If you are not yet receiving the Christmas Box, please call Richard on 01460 240604 to have your name added to the list (before 25th October please).

2022/11/01 08:10

The Royal Navy drops in

On the dot at ten past nine this morning a RN Lynx helicopter appeared over the heads of the eagerly awaiting school and playgroup children gathered in Mr Dennis's field. After landing the pilot and navigator explained their role in the Royal Navy and the helicopter in small groups the children then climbed aboard the Lynx to have the finer points explained. Lots of questions such as “where are the guns?” and “do you have missiles?” “What does this button do?”. On taking off at 11am the helicopter 'bowed' a farewell to the waving children.

Photo Gallery Thursday 24th April 2008

2022/11/01 08:10

Year Four Leavers Service on the Last Day of Term

 Year Four Leavers  Looking forward to the holidays
Leavers and on the right hand side younger pupils exited and looking forward the the holidays.

Tuesday 22nd July was the last day of the summer term and for 8 of our children it was their last day at Shepton School. The whole school joined in the Year Four Leaving Service in church which included songs and prayers in addition to short performances on clarinet and keyboard. The confidence shown by the children in taking this service, introducing each part, reading and singing is impressive and a credit to the school.

This year again each of the leavers had designed and decorated a plate which was presented to them, Head teacher Karen Booker thanked the Dennis Chinaworks for there generosity in maintaining this annual tradition and wished the leavers good luck in their new school in September. The “leavers” also each received an individual folder containing examples of their own work accumulated in the first 4 years of their school life.

A parent thanked Mrs Booker and all the staff for all they do for our children throughout the year and presented the staff with a useful bird feeder for the garden plus some undisclosed item which has still to be erected. At the end of the service parents and pupils returned to the school playground to form a long human arch which the “Leavers” had to go through to get back into school.

2022/11/01 08:10

Worst mud in 30 years

Howling winds and torrential rain on the night of Friday 12/13th December affected the whole area causing many road closures. Shepton experienced one of the worst flash floods for over 30 years depositing mud, sand, soil and gravel on North Street, Middle Street, Silver Street and Sheepway, the corner of Washcross Lane and Middle Street was particularly badly affected.

John Callow who keeps rainfall records said we had over 2 inches in a twelve hour period. People were out at 3 and 4 am helping each other clearing drains and keeping property which is liable to flood as dry as possible.

Richard & Karen Martin awoke to find their ground floor flooded and spent the morning taking up carpets and removing mud, in a very philosophical way Richard remarked “we have lived in Shepton for almost 30 years and this is the first time this has happened and it was only clean water so we will soon dry out”. *Short Video

Luckily new arrivals to the village David English who was due to move into the house next door to Richard on Friday did not unpack their furniture from the removal van.

Part of the bank collapsed in Upper Silver Street but the road was not blocked. Hopefully commented Karen, the council with it's machines will be clearing our streets of mud very quickly.

2022/11/01 08:10

Work Party Sunday 25 July Cowleaze

Shepton Beauchamp Cowleaze Meadow Project
Work party on Sunday 25th July from 10am onwards.

At this working party we aim to dig over the quadrant beds in the seating area. Also select sites for planting 22 fruit trees in orchard area, so that this can be sprayed to remove weeds prior to planting. We also need to weed the nursery bed of saplings.
Please come along, and bring digging tools, weeding tools, rakes etc For more info contact Debbie on 241756

2022/11/01 08:10
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