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Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 7th July 2019

4 Weeks ending 7th July 2019 Jackpot 1st 2nd
16 June 33 Paul England57 Chris Willoughby
23 June 8 Barbara Allen14 John Hallet
30 June32 Paul England 42 Dee Male33 Paul England
07 July 47 Bernadette Close20 Ruth Cornelius
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Summer Party at Cowleaze July 2019

Party in Cowleaze July 2019


Cowleaze 2019

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Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 9th June 2019

4 Weeks ending 9th June 2019 Jackpot 1st 2nd
19 May 27 Ade Clarke31 Dave Cable
26 May58 Pete Morris 90 Matt Pitman7 Robert Rowswell
02 June 47 Bernadette Close59 Helen Richardson
09 June 27 Ade Clarke56 Muriel Callow
rjt2d/m/Y H:M · admin

2019 Flower Show Classes

Our annual Flowershow takes place on Saturday 31st August, Exhibits to be staged by 11am when judging commences, the show will be open at 2pm with presentation of cups at 3pm.

Download details of this years classes and an entry form below. Closing date for entries to be received at Angie's Tearoom is 5:30pm Tuesday 27th August. Entry fee of 25p per entry per class.

2019 Schedule of Classes

2019 Entry Form 2018 Flower Show

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Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 12th May 2019

4 Weeks ending 12th May 2019 Jackpot 1st 2nd
21 April 2 Anne Hill34 Mrs C Acres
28 April34 Mrs C Acres 82 Innes Finlay6 Ann Suosilta
05 May 62 Roger Cripps4 Heather Copeland
12 May 48 Amy Cook103 Dave McMeakin
rjt2d/m/Y H:M · admin

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 14th April 2019

4 Weeks ending 14th April 2019 Jackpot 1st 2nd
24 March 9 Ron Hastings66 Daphne Rawlings
31 March23 Georgina Fitchett 78 Cynthia Pether17 Lynn Hodge
07 April 4 Heather Copeland2 Anne Hill
14 April 23 Georgina Fitchett90 Matt Pitman
rjt2d/m/Y H:M · admin

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 17th March 2019

4 Weeks ending 17th March 2019 Jackpot 1st 2nd
24 February69 Shirley Brister49 N & K Wylie-Carrick67 Donna
03 March 45 Mrs E Stoker47 Bernadette Close
10 March 2 Anne Hill60 Ian Hawkins
17 March 66 Daphne Rawling7 Robert Rowswell
rjt2d/m/Y H:M · admin

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 17th February 2019

4 Weeks ending 17th February 2019 Jackpot 1st 2nd
27 January66 Daphne Rawlings20 Ruth Cornelius54 Susan Stone
03 February 78 Cynthia Pether28 Don Horgan
10 February 24 Lori Thomas58 Pete Morris
17 February 13 Robert Thompson62 Roger Cripps
rjt2d/m/Y H:M · admin
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