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2022/11/01 08:10

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Final Draw Results

2 Weeks Ending 26 March 2023 Jackpot 1st 2nd
19 Mar30 Emma Rees8 Barbara Allen3 Lynn Hodge
26 Mar32 Paul England34 Mrs C Acres42 Dee Male
2023/04/12 11:03 · ian

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 12 February 2023

4 Weeks Ending 12th February 2023 Jackpot 1st 2nd
22 Jan 58 Pete Morris53 Paul Rowlands
29 Jan 6 Ann Suosita24 Lori Thomas
05 Feb8 Barbara Allen62 Eileen Cripps1 Jeremy Searle
12 Feb 26 Pete Morris34 Mrs C Acres
2023/04/12 10:45 · ian

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 15th January 2023

4 Weeks Ending 15th January 2023 Jackpot 1st 2nd
25 Dec 23 Georgina Fitchett36 Pete Morris
01 Jan 4 Heather Copeland59 Helen Richardson
08 Jan44 Pete Sanderson82 Innis Finlay13 Robert Thompson
15 Jan 17 Lynn Hodge31 Dave Cable
2023/01/24 09:37 · ian

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 18th December 2022

4 Weeks ending 18th December 2022 Jackpot 1st 2nd
27 Nov 103 Dave McMeakin27 Ade Clarke
04 Dec 6 Ann Suosita3 Lynn Hodge
11 Dec16 Karen Martin52 Roger Stone31 Dave Cable
18 Dec 2 Anne Hill32 Paul England
2023/01/24 09:37 · ian

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 20th November 2022

4 Weeks ending 20th November 2022 Jackpot 1st 2nd
30 Oct 78 Cynthia Pether6 Ann Suosita
06 Nov 46 Pete Morris24 Lori Thomas
13 Nov30 Emma Rees43 Lou Wrightson52 Roger Stone
22 Nov 26 Niky Wallace8 Barbara Allen
2022/12/22 11:48 · ian

Draw Results 4 Weeks Ending 23rd October 2022

4 Weeks ending 23rd October 2022 Jackpot 1st 2nd
02 Oct 2 Anne Hill63 Shirly Brister
09 Oct 21 Angela Joy12 Malcolm Brown
16 Oct17 Lynn Hodge4 Heather Copeland2 Anne Hill
23 Oct 90 Matt Pitman5 Sue Bisset

Historical results can be seen on the Draw Results page Lethbridge Draw Results

2022/11/08 11:51 · ian

Touch of Glass Workshop

Expert tuition, a very enjoyable and rewarding day, even if it proves to be harder than it looks. Expert tuition and guidance from Pete and Martin and a delicious lunch provided by Gill, topped off with a generous donation to church funds.

2022/11/01 08:10

Tools stolen from Van in Shepton

There has been a theft from a white Transit van in Hillview Terrace, last night (Monday 10th Dec). Tools were stolen. We have been warned by Police that a series of these thefts have taken place in the area, The Police advise parking so that rear doors of vans cannot be easily opened, and to park in well lit easily observed areas. Neighbourhood Watch

2022/11/01 08:10
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