Shepton Beauchamp

In the heart of Cider Country

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Coming Events

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Date Event Time Where Organisation Other Details
14/07/2018Street PartytbaShamblesEvents TeamOpen meeting Thursday 8th March 7:30pm Duke of York
01/09/2018Flower Show2pmVillage HallVillage Halllist of classes available
02/09/2018Soapbox ChallengetbaGreat Lane RacewayEvents Team
09/09/201810k and Fun RuntbaThe Rec. Events Team
20/10/2018Film Night tbatbaVillage HallEvents Team
03/11/2018Bonfire Night tbatbaVillage HallEvents TeamAwaiting confirmation
24/11/2018Film Night tbatbaVillage HallEvents Team
08/12/2018Christmas MarkettbaVillage Hall Events Team

St. Michael's Church - Service Times

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