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 +====== Worst mud in 30 years ======
 +Howling winds and torrential rain on the night of Friday 12/13th December affected the whole area causing many road closures. Shepton experienced one of the worst flash floods for over 30 years depositing mud, sand, soil and gravel on North Street, Middle Street, Silver Street and Sheepway, the corner of Washcross Lane and Middle Street was particularly badly affected.  ​
 +John Callow who keeps rainfall records said we had over 2 inches in a twelve hour period. ​ People were out at 3 and 4 am helping each other clearing drains and keeping property which is liable to flood as dry as possible.  ​
 +Richard & Karen Martin awoke to find their ground floor flooded and spent the morning taking up carpets and removing mud, in a very philosophical way Richard remarked "we have lived in Shepton for almost 30 years and this is the first time this has happened and it was only clean water so we will soon dry out". *[[video:​home|Short Video]] ​
 +Luckily new arrivals to the village David English who was due to move into the house next door to Richard on Friday did not unpack their furniture from the removal van.  ​
 +Part of the bank collapsed in Upper Silver Street but the road was not blocked. ​ Hopefully commented Karen, the council with it's machines will be clearing our streets of mud very quickly.  ​
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