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 +====== Pre-School - Wine and Wisdom Evening - Success ======
 +{{events:​p1040662_fs.jpg|The Winning Team}}{{events:​p1040655_fs.jpg|Presentation of Brushes}}
 +The Village Hall was packed for the Wine and Wisdom evening organised by the Pre - School parents to raising funds and as a social event. ​ Hot Cornish Pasties and a plethora of delicious home made desserts helped to mop up the alcohol which was available "at the wave of a paddle"​.  ​
 +There was a very closely fought finish, some might say assisted or perhaps inhibited by the wine.  Small prizes were awarded for First Second and Third in addition to the special "Daft as a Brush" award equally closely fought by the loosing teams. ​ In total te event raised over £300 - A Big Thank you to everyone. ​        ​[[home:​wineandwisdom2009|Couple more photos and full results]]
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