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 +======= What a Wonderful Wacky Weekend =======
 +{{events:​img_0333v2_fs.jpg |}}
 +And to complete the W's the winning team's captain was Ed Wakely. ​ In spite of the PA continually playing a song about rain the sun shone the whole afternoon. ​ Ten teams competed is our Wacky Olympics comprising some physical games and some mental games. Rob Sanders and his worthy team of helpers put together a very well organised event which was appreciated by competitors,​ spectators and the village in general. ​ As a visitor to Shepton recently remarked "there is something very special about the way in which Shepton comes together to support village events"​.  ​
 +All profits from the day and from the sale of DVDs and Photos go to Lethbridge Memorial Playing Field and are earmarked for work on the children'​s play area at the recreation field. ​ The organisers would like to record their thanks to Viridor Waste Management and all the [[recfield:​meetings:​wacky_olympics_sponsors|local businesses]] for their support. ​ Watch out for details on the DVD and photos in the Post Office.
 +[[content:​2008 wacky 315x210|A Few Photos]]
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