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 +====== Wacky Olympics a Scorching Success ======
 +{{:​events:​p1080621_fs.jpg|The girls try Grass Sking}}{{:​events:​p1080687_fs.jpg|Ben receives winners cup from Rob}}
 +In spite of other minor attractions such as The World Cup and Glastonbury Festival, Shepton'​s bi-annual Wacky Olympics attracted almost 100 competitors. ​ This was the hottest day of the year so far with shade temperature of 29-30 degrees.  ​
 +With marshals, organisers and spectators well over 300 were present at the Lethbridge Memorial Recreation Field. ​ Frequent reminders over the public address to drink plenty of water were listened to although not always with water!!. ​ Stalls, Cream Teas, Bar and a Hog Roast all added to a very enjoyable afternoon and evening which was organised in aid of the Rec.
 +Last times winners the White Team were well and truly beaten this year by the Brown Team. Team captain Ben said as a team we had been practicing hard, taking onboard plenty of fluids both before, during and after the event.
 +Video and Photos available - Order from Shepton Stores.
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