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 +====== "​Victory"​ Tea Party a Sucess ​ - May 2009 ======
 +When someone in the village said "It would be nice if something was put on for the older gereration" ​ the Parish Plan Events Team thought what a good idea and the result was the "​Victory"​ Tea Party held in the Village Hall on Saturday 9th May.  Everyone over the age of 70 living in the village was invited and over 60 turned up and had a very enjoyable afternoon. ​ A real live evacuee ​ Joyce West (nee Fry) who was evacuated to Shepton for 3 years in early 1940s living in Belmont Terrace.  ​
 +{{:​events:​jackie_fs.jpg|Jackie Priddle }} {{:​events:​victory_celebration_26_of_203_fs.jpg|Teaparty in the Village Hall}}
 + ​{{:​events:​victory_celebration_109_of_203_fs.jpg|Jill Newman ​ Miriam Arledge}} {{:​events:​victory_celebration_198_of_203_fs.jpg|A few of our village over 70s - l to r Bob Harris, Di Best, June Welch, Brian Welch, Joan Kennedy, Maisie Sparkes, Blue's Mother, ???, Pat Pearce, Rose Frood, Jo Carvell, John Rippon }}
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