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 + --- //​[[|Ian Hawkins]] 2010/05/27 09:​24//​====== Tea at The Ritz - May 2010 ======
 +{{:​events:​p1080464_fs.jpg|Announced on Arrival}}{{:​events:​p1080457_fs.jpg|Shepton Flappers and our own Bell Hop}}
 +The weather came out in style to match the fashions at Shepton'​s version of Tea at The Ritz on Saturday afternoon, precisely at 3 o'​clock. ​ Around 60 of us gathered in all our finery to have afternoon tea served by waitresses all dressed as 20's style "​flappers"​. ​ A choice of teas, milk or lemon plates of smoked salmon or ham sandwiches, fancy cakes, scones with oddles of clotted cream and strawberry jam.  The entertainment was provided by Sunset Cafe Stompers Trio.  Raffle prizes followed the tea theme with various books, biscuits and teas.  A big thank you to The Parish Plan Events Team for all their efforts in organising this event. (I wonder what next year's theme might be).  [[2010photos:​teaattheritz|Photo Gallery]]
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