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 +====== Shepton School to become a Primary School ======
 +**19th May 2009**
 +It has just been anounced the Adjudicator HAS AGREED THE PROPOSAL!\\ ​    
 +From 1st September 2009 Shepton Beauchamp First School will become a **PRIMARY SCHOOL!!**
 +We've done it -in the face of enormous odds - we have done it.
 +The Adjudicator'​s Determination - which is ten pages long - a very balanced, well researched and clear paper; Dr Passmore really understood the situation and has done her best for the area education plan.
 +The Governors would like to thank everyone for their support and I am sure the whole village would like to thank the Governors for all their work in ensuring we retain the education of our children where it belongs, at the heart of our community.\\ ​
 +[[church:​vicars_letters:​june2009mag|Comments by Fr. Geoff Chair of Governors Shepton School]]\\ ​
 +{{:​events:​stp400_sheptonb_st_mary_st_peters-001.pdf|Read or download a PDF of the full Determination}}
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