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 +====== September 2011 Fun Run & 10K Cross Country ======
 +{{:​events:​fun_run_results_2011.pdf|Fun Run Results}}\\ ​
 +{{:​events:​2011_ladies.pdf|10k Ladies Results}}\\ ​
 +{{:​events:​2011_men_cross_country_10k.pdf|10k Mens Results}}\\ ​
 +{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-3_fs.jpg|Mark Wills 1st 10k Male presented by Syd Allen}}{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-6_fs.jpg|Rose Harvey 1st 10k Female presented by Andrew Humphreys}}
 +{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-8_fs.jpg|Blue Walshe presents to Tommy Brister 10k First Shepton resident}}{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-9_fs.jpg|Diane Stewart First Female Shepton resident in 10k presented by Jackie Priddle}}
 +{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-12_fs.jpg|Philip Bridge 1st Fun Run presented by  Jo Walshe}}{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-13_fs.jpg|Hannah Seridan 1st Girl in Fun Run presented by Sharon Humphreys}}
 +{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-14_fs.jpg|Harry Kent 1st Shepton boy Fun Run presented by Jo Walshe}}{{:​events:​fun_run_2011-15_fs.jpg|Emily Moses 1st Shepton girl Fun Run presented by Sharon Humphreys}}
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