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 +====== School Nativity Play ======
 +DVD available - Order from Lynn, ready in time for Christmas - Proceeds to FOSS\\ ​
 +Continuing with the build up to Christmas our school children gave two performances of their Nativity play in church on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening. ​ This year the major roles were all taken by the younger children with the older ones taking the role of narrators and choir.
 +Perhaps it is at these times we really appreciate what an important role our school plays in the life of our village community, The confidence shown by the children in their performance and reading is a credit to our school and it's staff, providing our children with the best possible start in their education.  ​
 +**With the recent report in the papers of the County Council'​s deliberations on education and school buildings in our area, the whole concept of provision of education within villages may be under threat**.
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