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 +====== School children try their hand at bell ringing ======
 +{{events:​p1040016_fsweb.jpg|Jeff explains about hand bells}}
 +{{events:​p1030986_fsweb.jpg|Having a go on the simulator}}
 +If you wondered what was happening with the church bells chiming rather than ringing in the normal way on Wednesday morning; tower captain Jeff Knipe and friends organised a "Bell Experience"​ for the children of Shepton School. ​ The experience included ringing hand bells and climbing the tower to chime the church bells. ​ A tower bell simulator was erected in the church to enable all the children to safely have the experience of actually pulling on a bell rope.  Under the direction of Jeff in the pulpit the children practiced ringing a tune on Hand Bells, Jeff and Lesley have kindly offered to continue the experience with the training of a School hand bell ringing team.
 +[[school:​photobells2008|Photo Gallery & Video]]
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