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 +====== Runners Galore on Sunday 6th September ======
 +Once again this year the weather was kind to runners in the 10k cross country and also the runners, walkers and strollers in our 3k fun run. Presentation of cups to winners, see below for links to more photos and full results. ​ **DVD of this event can be ordered from Shepton Stores - Proceeds to Parish Plan Funds.**
 +{{:​events:​p1070170_fs.jpg|1st Mike Harvey}}{{:​events:​p1070176_fs.jpg|1st Lady Claire Chedzoy}}{{:​events:​p1070182_fs.jpg|1st Resident Tom Brister}}{{:​events:​p1070186_fs.jpg|1st Female Resident Diane Stewart}}
 +[[results2009:​10k|10k Cross Country Results]]\\  ​
 +[[results2009:​funrun|Fun Run Results]]\\ ​
 +[[photos:​2009funrun|Photo Gallery]]
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